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Haley voters count.

Haley Voters for Biden
is amplifying the voices of Haley supporters

in a broad coalition for stability and pragmatism.

In November, Haley voters can make the difference.

More than 3 million people voted for Nikki Haley for President in the 2024 primary, and there are far more Haley supporters who didn’t vote. These voters can tip the balance for Joe Biden or Donald Trump in battleground states. 

Advocate for pragmatic, bipartisan policy approaches

We are participating in an informal working group of Haley voters to establish policy priorities for Biden’s second term.

Mobilize Haley voters through media and direct messaging

We will connect with Haley supporters through the media and direct voter outreach.

Recruit volunteers for one-on-one contact

We will connect volunteer Haley supporters with other Haley supporters to listen, engage, and maximize the role of Haley supporters.

HV4B is amplifying the voice of Haley voters in a broad coalition supporting President Biden.

Our Approach


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