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Haley Voters for Biden in the Press

Image of ABC News website with article, "'Zombie' Haley voters don't want Trump, but many not sold on Biden, either"


By Isabella Murray

"'The pattern that's gone on now in several states of somewhere between 15-20% turning out in primaries voting for a candidate who is no longer a candidate, is that is a pretty clear expression that there is this sizable group of Republicans -- obviously minority, but sizable group of Republicans -- that feels as I do that Donald Trump has taken the party in a bad direction and Ambassador Haley really offered a better alternative,' Snyder said in an interview with ABC News."

ABC News

Image of Politico website with article, "Nikki Haley keeps racking up votes in final stretch of the GOP primary, and Donald Trump keeps ignoring them"


By Adam Wren, Elena Schneider and Natalie Allison

“'In every swing state, except for Nevada, the number of Nikki Haley [primary] voters far outpaces the [margin] between Trump and Biden in 2020,' said Robert Schwartz, executive director of the Haley Voters Working Group and an adviser to the Haley Voters for Biden super PAC. 'In all those places, if you can get 20 percent to vote for Biden and another 5 to 10 percent who don’t vote at all, that’s going to be the difference-maker in this election.'”


Image of The Dispatch website with article, "‘Haley Republicans’ Frustrated with Biden’s Israel Stand"


By David M. Drucker, Michael Warren and Charles Hilu

“'It looked like he was pandering to the most liberal portions of his base,' said Amanda Stewart Sprowls, a 52-year-old real estate investor in Tempe, Arizona, who was active in her state’s 'Women for Nikki' chapter and volunteered in Iowa for the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. 'That’s not how you conduct foreign policy. You support your allies—peace through strength.' Sprowls, emphasizing she is not a 'Never Trump' Republican, is weighing whether to skip voting for president or cross the aisle for Biden."

The Dispatch

Image of The Philadelphia Inquirer website with article, "More than 150,000 Republicans voted for Nikki Haley in Pa.’s presidential primary."


By Julia Terruso

“'There’s been people who say all Haley supporters are Democrats in disguise,' said Kenneth Scheffler, executive director of Haley Voters for Biden. 'I think there’s 156,000 Haley supporters in Pennsylvania that put that lie aside.'”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Image of the Atlantic Journal Constitution website with article, "PG A.M.: ‘Haley voters for Biden’ target Georgia for anti-Trump effort."


By Greg Bluestein, Tia Mitchell, Patricia Murphy and Adam Van Brimmer

"Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley captured more than 77,000 votes in Georgia’s Republican presidential primary last month, an election held after she dropped out of the race. Last night in Pennsylvania, she tallied more than 156,000 votes in that state’s primary.

Robert Schwartz sees a bounty of potential Joe Biden voters in those battleground state numbers. A leader of the pro-Haley PrimaryPivot organization, Schwartz changed the group’s name to 'Haley Voters for Biden' shortly after she suspended her campaign."

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Image of Politically Georgia podcast episode with Robert Schwartz from Haley Voters for Biden.


Greg Bluestein speaks with Robert Schwarz from Haley Voters for Biden on the Politically Georgia podcast.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Image of The Daily Beast website with article, "Trump’s Doing Nothing to Win Over Anti-Trump GOP Voters."


By Matt Lewis

"This time around, whether they come to this decision [voting for Biden] on their own, or with some prodding, more Never Trump Republicans will be tempted to pull the lever for Biden.

Indeed, a super PAC urging non-Republicans to back Nikki Haley in the primaries has now pivoted to calling itself: “Haley Voter for Biden.”

The question for groups like this is whether they will actually do much voter contact.

I reached out to my friend Emily Matthews, a senior adviser for 'Haley Voters for Biden,' who cited hundreds of thousands of Americans who voted for Haley in the primaries. “Through targeted outreach in key states,” she said, ''Haley Voters for Biden’ encourages these voters to continue defending democracy by voting for Joe Biden in the general election.'"

The Daily Beast

Image of The Dispatch website with article, "Biden Campaign Begins Focus on ‘Haley Republicans’"


By David M. Drucker

"'Donald Trump made it clear he doesn’t want Nikki Haley’s supporters. I want to be clear: There is a place for them in my campaign,' Biden said as part of a lengthy statement. 'I hope and believe we can find common ground.'

Therein lies the challenge for Biden, according to Howes and Robert Schwartz, a senior adviser to Haley Voters for Biden, a super PAC formerly called PrimaryPivot and the latest group to emerge with the express goal of driving GOP support for the president."

The Dispatch

Image of Semafor website with article, "The man behind ‘Haley Voters For Biden’ on his post-primary pivot."


By David Weigel

"On Wednesday morning, as Nikki Haley ended her presidential campaign, Robert Schwartz was racing the clock. He’d stayed up late calculating how many votes Haley had won on super Tuesday; his super PAC, Primary Pivot, was about to relaunch as Haley Voters for Biden. He barely had time to finish the announcement. 'It was a much shorter speech than I anticipated,' Schwartz told Americana. But he had his new mission — instead of convincing Democrats to temporarily become pro-Haley Republicans, he’d be urging hundreds of thousands of swing state Haley supporters to vote for the president."


Image of Haley Voters for Biden launch press release


The founders of PrimaryPivot, a SuperPAC that encouraged hundreds of thousands to vote against Trump - and for Haley - in the Republican primaries, is launching a new organization focused on defending democracy. The organization, operating under the auspices of the newly renamed PivotPAC, will launch the campaign Haley Voters for Biden. The campaign will focus on urging the nearly 650,000 Haley primary voters across three swing states to vote for Biden: Michigan (296, 328), North Carolina (249,651), and Georgia (likely already 80,000-100,000 in early voting). If the overwhelming majority of these Haley voters choose to vote for Joe Biden, he will likely win re-election.

Haley Voters for Biden

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