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From the Founders of PrimaryPivot: Launch of “Haley Voters for Biden”


March 6, 2024


BROOKLYN, NY - The founders of PrimaryPivot, a SuperPAC that encouraged hundreds of thousands to vote against Trump - and for Haley - in the Republican primaries, is launching a new organization focused on defending democracy. The organization, operating under the auspices of the newly renamed PivotPAC, will launch the campaign Haley Voters for Biden. The campaign will focus on urging the nearly 650,000 Haley primary voters across three swing states to vote for Biden: Michigan (296, 328), North Carolina (249,651), and Georgia (likely already 80,000-100,000 in early voting). If the overwhelming majority of these Haley voters choose to vote for Joe Biden, he will likely win re-election.

Nikki Haley, who ran a courageous campaign and treated everyone across the political spectrum with dignity and respect, is urging Donald Trump to earn the support of the over 3 million voters that backed her. We call on the Biden campaign to make every effort to earn the support of these same voters, many of whom have said they do not plan to vote for Trump in November. Our efforts will be designed to complement the Biden campaign’s efforts.

Our campaign has unique comparative advantages. We have been consistent about the need to vote for democracy, even when politically inconvenient. We supported Nikki Haley to become the Republican nominee, even though her polling numbers against Biden were better than Trump’s. We chose democracy over party, every single time.

We also conducted direct outreach to Haley voters across the country, and successfully convinced thousands of voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia to vote for Haley over Trump in the Republican primary. We used a variety of methods, including over 2 million mailers and text messages, as well as digital ads, radio ads, and earned media.

We targeted voters across the political spectrum. While our previous efforts focused on centrist and left-leaning voters, we will expand to target right-leaning voters and have a number of Republicans on our staff. Our approach will continue to be data-driven and targeted toward actual voters in swing states. We will emphasize that although you may disagree with Joe Biden on policy issues - including abortion, climate change, or student loans - you know that he will respect the Constitution and our democracy.

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